A Healthy Mind And How To Build it: 5 Habits

healthy brain

A healthy mind and high levels of success are intentional creations. If you think these are automatic or a given, you are wrong. You have to consciously towards them because the stagnation this breeds leads to failure. To achieve success, you have to make positive alterations to your life. 

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Similarly, a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. You need both to co-exist for true success. Because success is not just about productivity or a big bank account, it is also about your body being at its optimum prime.

Here are some quick and easy tips for a healthy mind and healthy body – 

1. Begin your day with your highest priority for healthy mind


Family is usually everyone’s top priority. Starting your day with a good breakfast with them sets a positive mood for the rest of the day and keeps everyone updated about each other’s life. Therefore, everyone’s actions will be in consonance with each other. 

High-quality interaction keeps you humble, reminds you of why you do what you do, and helps you make mindful and supportive decisions throughout the day. Even if you end up arguing with your family or talking in silence, remember that there is a reason the family unit is the most basic unit of society and how your quality of life improves drastically by connecting with them every day, the first thing in the day. Ending your day with some family time is important too. 

If you stay away from family or have not started your own yet, prioritise going for a run, for a swim or to the gym. This helps you build your life on a positive foundation. 

2. Search for a small way that you can be better every day

This is where the secret lies. Being the best version of yourself requires you to make one better decision, one better choice, every day. Search for small ways you can do this. Maybe you can replace one meal of the day with a healthier alternative like fruits and egg whites with vegetables for lunch instead of getting takeout. 

This 1% improval eventually leads to the 100% you want.  Incorporate these changes in your business life as well. For example, maybe you are not organised enough. This stresses your mind and body. You can easily keep a notebook around and some sticky notes. Keep these handy and write down everything such as daily tasks or reminders, in a compartmentalised manner. 

3. Exercise your brain

Starting your day with a run has a lot of positive benefits that you probably do not even know about. Running activates a specific mindset and it also builds your thought flow, inculcating the idea of keeping your mind pushing. It is hard to do this when you are working in an office or have a desk job. Which is why doing this every morning or even every night before you sleep, helps you build not only a healthy body, but also a healthy mind

4. You have family, friends and then you have pets


Office life can be taxing. The surroundings are always work oriented and with all of these working individuals around you, it can really get to your head. Keeping your pet close helps. A furry friend is a total mood elevator and represents all the love and cheer you have in your life and the kind of vibes that you want to give out. 

Research says the same. Host your pet at the office for an elevated mood, not only for yourself but also for your coworkers. Clients that approach your office have a better perception of your business. They take cognisance of the fact that your business is a forward thinking, holistic and well rounded space which increases how competent and trustworthy they think you are.

5. Cut out distractions 

Cut the cord. You have to. Prioritise, rank them, set boundaries and do not think about anything else. Especially if you are a leader, your team is only as good as you. If you have haphazard attention spans and action plans, they won’t care as much about the work and that is not good at all. 

Cut down on small talk or meaningless texting and scrolling through social media. Try to get an app locker that times you out of your apps and notifications which distract you because this simple positive change makes all the difference in our age of social media.

You will soon see yourself finish your work faster, improve its quality and be in an elevated mood throughout the day. Additionally, achieving a healthy body and healthy mind is really and honestly that easy. Follow these simple tips and eventually you’ll be the king of the world!