Daily Healthy Routine: 5 Tips To Add Value

A daily healthy routine pays off not only in the short term, but the long term as well. A healthy diet, or mindful practices every day makes a big difference. 

You can go all in or all out. What helps is to remember to not burn out. Inculcate a healthy diet and a healthy routine one step at a time. You will wake up one day and realise you have all the components of a daily healthy routine encompassed in your life. 

A good daily routine example to help you understand this better is this – Instead of starting your day with a cup of milky coffee, a breakfast of doughnuts and little to no exercise. You can first keep the coffee in your routine, pick a healthier breakfast like egg whites on whole grain toast, and go for a jog. Slowly, you will be able to feel energetic enough to replace your morning cup of caffeine with a glass of lemonade or apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water. This helps you lose weight, is better for your hormones and skin. 

So for now, our best health tips for a daily healthy routine are these – 

1. Down a tall glass of water before you eat

Everyone needs around 3 – 4 litres of water every day. Drinking water before a meal helps you feel fuller. More often than not, we are thirsty, and this translates to feeling hungry. If you drink a glass of water, this gets balanced out and you eat as much your body honestly wants to eat. 

2. Eat a single healthy meal a day

healthy meal

Let’s be real, sometimes it gets hard to maintain a well rounded healthy diet, 24 by 7. So start with replacing one meal a day, with something really healthy. You could eat fruit and nuts, and some scrambled egg whites for instance. 

It might not sound like a lot, but if you eat enough and space your meal times out, it will give you the nutrients you need and make you satisfied. More importantly, it is one step in the right direction. 

Another healthy daily routine example regarding food is this: Eat skinless chicken breasts for lunch with some fibrous vegetables. This will keep you full until dinner, give you the proteins and satisfy your stomach and taste buds.

3. Be active during your lunch break

Make your lunch hour productive and efficient. Spare 30 minutes to eat, and spend the remaining time going for a walk, doing some stretches or yoga. You could even talk to your favourite lunch spot. This will help you take that much needed breather, while re-energising your body and refreshing it.

4. Eat one meal-replacement bar

meal replacement bar

Meal replacement bars are nutritious and low in calories. Midafternoon hunger pangs are an inevitability so eating this between breakfast and lunch helps keep you going. 

Pick a bar which has at least 10 to 15 grams of protein to help you get in the habit of eating smaller portioned meals more frequently throughout the day. This is a brilliant habit that you will eventually adopt in your daily routine.

5. Exercise your body

Start simple. Go for morning runs, or evening rungs or even at night for a quick brisk walk. You can eventually move to doing simple calisthenic or body weight exercises. You do not need to go to the gym for these, you can simply do them at home. Eventually, start going to the gym if you want a very well defined body or want to lift weights. Star by going every alternate day, and build up from there on. Soon you will find yourself going every day. Go swimming every now and then for a good exercise and refreshing experience.

Building a daily healthy routine takes just a few weeks, or even days.  It depends on what your mind frame is like and how you plan your time for yourself. Make small decisions in the right direction every day and see the results for yourself! Stay healthy, stay happy, stay blessed!