Nutrition Tips: Our Top 5 Guiding Points

More than focusing on weight loss and dieting, focus on ensuring that your body is getting all the nutrients it requires to function at its prime. This requires you to be aware of the following nutrition tips. Take note of these fitness tips and nutrition facts to build the best nutrition guide for yourself.

Here are some basic nutrition tips to help you out!

1. Eat more vegetables.

Whether weight loss, performance, muscle gain or a combination, or simply eating more vegetables is your goal, eating more veggies does you more good than you will ever believe. These superfoods provide you with organic vitamins, minerals and healthy carbs which have a more profound effect on your health than any supplement ever could.

Fill half of your plate with vegetables, one third of your plate with protein and one fourth of it with healthy fat source. Eating a lot of vegetables keeps you fuller for longer than processed foods and meats.

2. Meal prepping is fun. Take it up as a new hobby!

For the times you are in a rush and starving, which is pretty much everyone’s morning, prep ahead of time. Prep your meals on Sundays or mid-week. You can soak oats in any healthy milk of your choice, and pop some fruits in overnight in the fridge for the next day’s breakfast for instance. Pre-chopping meats, vegetables and freezing them makes it easy to quickly stir fry everything with your favourite seasoning too. This makes making lunch in the morning rush hours super easy, and dinner after a tiring day even easier.

3. Balance, and spread out

We eat for 2 purposes.

A – To satisfy our emotions and balance them.

B – To nourish our body

Eat mindfully. Simple changes helps you achieve your body goals. For one, eating slowly helps your body process all the food it is eating which prevents you from overeating. Eat to satiate 80% of your hunger. This fills you up while you do not feel too full thereby helping you eat your next meal in the right quantity and the right time. Check in with yourself on why you are eating, what the portion size is and whether your veggies, proteins and carbs are balanced enough. Take note of these nutrition tips.

4. Refuel and recover

Eat the right foods before you workout for improved performance, decreased fatigue, increased strength, stability and endurance. This will help you also lose fat, increase energy levels during and after your workout session, while keeping you mentally focused

5. Construct accountability

Make a buddy system or find a friend who is a regular gymer and eats clean to help not only guide you but also monitor you. This helps both of you keep the other in check. This is not only good to ensure that you are eating clean and exercising right, but also helps you build a community spirit and benefit from the support someone who is going through the same thing as you can provide.

Keep these basic nutrition tips in mind for a healthy and well balanced life!